Businesses are often turning to social media platforms to engage their current audience in the hopes of gaining and reaching new individuals while they come up with new ideas and products. It has been five years since Instagram officially launched, and it continues to grow every day, providing a seamless browsing experience. In order for businesses to gain traction on Instagram, they must first get to know the platform  as well as it’s users.

Below we have included some tips on how to create and/or take the perfect Instagram photo.

VSCO Cam (photo-editing)
VSCO, also known as Visual Supply Co., first launched in 2013 and has transformed Instagram photos since then. The VSCO Cam app provides piercing contrasts and curt edges, making the haziest conventional photo look like a work of art. It is seamlessly integrated with Instagram, which allows the user to post directly to the network.

The first 10 VSCO Cam filters are free, with the option of purchasing additional frames. On top of what Instagram has to offer, users are able to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, etc., on this app.

Giant Square, Banner Pic (layout)
The Giant Square, or Banner Pic app allow users to part a single image into numerous segments. These segments are then posted in proper succession on their account, creating a multiple-photo grid. Both apps allow you to effortlessly upload the picture you wish to post as a grid, divide it up into several segments and upload them to your Instagram gallery. These two apps come in handy when businesses want to showcase fine details in a photo or create a story in captions.

Picstich and Diptic are photo apps that are used to create collages, one of the oldest elements of Instagram. Though many companies prefer a more up-to-date layout option such as the multiple-photo grid option, collages allow companies to upload photos without having to plan much around it.

Squaready and Whitagram allow users to upload photos in its full portrait or landscape size, therefore avoiding Instagram’s square crop. However, Instagram has recently also opened up the option for users to upload photos in landscape or portrait orientation.

Hyperlapse is an app for those who enjoy sharing videos. With the 15 second time limit Instagram places on video uploads, timelapse assists users in condensing the length of their video while Hyperlapse creates a steady, high-quality timelapse video.

Repost for Instagram
Repost app for Instgram allows users to share another user’s photo. This app credits the user and does not require you to worry about having to capture the perfect photo at the perfect time, but instead lets you enjoy the moment while someone else with expertise captures the moment.

Iconsquare (metrics)
Tools like Iconsquare allow users to assess their Instagram performance based on metrics such as the total number of likes on your account and how it’s changed over time, average likes, most popular photo, and others. This type of tool can help those who are interested in evolving in Instagram by taking the necessary steps and making necessary changes where needed.

Crowdfire (metrics)
Crowdfire and Unfollowgram allow users to view the entire follow base, as well as those who do not follow them back, those who have both followed and unfollowed the account recently, inactive followers, and more. Though these lists should not be taken with more than a grain of salt, it is good to help you determine a new Instagram strategy if needed.

Instaport (archive)
Instaport allows you do to what the name says – instantly teleport all your photos into an archive folder or to a hard drive. This tool becomes helpful for those who want to start a fresh Instagram feed – Instaport saves all photos at once instead of individually.

Instaport also serves the purpose of creating an archived file of photos which you can then share on other social platforms if Instagram is not already linked to other networks.

A physical tool that we suggest which might be helpful in achieving an ideal photo is a simple tripod. For those who do not have a DSLR camera, tripods are also available in a smaller size for smartphones. This device will steady your phone for sharper images and videos.

Smartphone mounted lenses
If you want to attain the fish-eye or wide-angle effect, contemplate investing in a special lens to fit your phone. These lenses fasten themselves to the camera on your smartphone and enrich the look in the viewer. The uncommon appearance of these images can stipulate an appreciated boost in engagement.

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