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Parked Domains, Sub Domains, Add-on Domains… What are they?

One of the most common question I get is what is the difference between parked, sub and add-on domains.  I will try my best to explain it below:

Parked Domains

In your control panel you will find an option called “Park Domains”.  This will allow you “Park” your domain so that it will redirect to your website(your primary domain).  You may add as many as you like.  For example, I have as my main site.  I have another domain name called canadianwebhosting.cxm.   When this is parked, anyone that types www.canadianwebhosting.cxm , they will be redirected to

Add-on Domains

If you are looking to share your web hosting account with another website, this is what you are looking for.  Unlike a parked domain, when you type in the add-on domain, it will be directed to its own website.   The files will be stored under a folder name that you specify in the public_html folder.  This is a great way to save money and host multiple websites under 1 account.

Sub Domains

Sub domains are the first part of a website address.   In the case of,  www is the sub domain portion.   You can name it anything you like and they will have its own website folder like add-on domains.  Here are a few examples of a sub domain based on


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