Google now let’s you change the way your URL displays in mobile results

Hello webmasters! You now have the option to customize the way your URL shows up on Google’s mobile results. Instead of this:                   You can now customize your site to show up like this: Google> about > company > history                     You can use to obtain this structure data. Google also published some supporting documents: Site Name Schema – This a...

Google’s new report helps you uncover blocked resources on websites

Google’s new Blocked Resources Report will now help you discover what web content Googlebot has blocked from indexing. Read the announcement here. When we create a website, it often pulls JavaScript, CSS, image content and more from multiple places. Sometimes, this content may be blocked by Googlebot without the site owner realizing and the website’s contents end up not getting indexed for search. Google’s new report can now be found in Webmaster Tools and will tell you what, where and why the content has been blocked. Hosts that are blocked will show up in the first part of the report i...

Google AdWords just got speedy!

Anyone working on a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign knows that getting accurate and timely stats helps you make the most of the money you invest. It’s important to be able to tweak your work as you go, so real-time stats are ideal. Turns out Google AdWords heard you and decided to up their game – their reports will now be available for campaign managers as early as 6AM PST the next day. The data included in the Google AdWords report will include search terms, geographical performance and automatic placement stats. Here’s the chart Google published to explain the various times that stats will a...

Critical Microsoft IIS Vulnerabilty HTTP.sys (MS15-034)

Microsoft disclosed a CRITICAL vulnerability affecting IIS web servers under Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2. More details are available at Microsoft. This vulnerability can allow a remote and unauthenticated denial of service (DoS) and a possible remote code execution (RCE). An attacker sends a specially crafted http request with the correct header to exploit it To identify if your Windows server is vulnerable, run the following command under Linux or Mac shell: [crayon-559784025a07f248342433/] If you get the foll...

We just announced budget and enterprise dedicated server upgrades!

We just announced a major upgrade to our Canadian Budget and Enterprise dedicated servers - with more RAM, latest generation of processors and faster drives as a standard option. Canadian Web Hosting is a leading provider of web hosting, cloud hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, and we just announced our completed performance upgrade project for our budget dedicated servers and enterprise dedicated servers available in our Toronto, ON or Vancouver, BC compliant datacenters.  We now offer increased RAM per dedicated server to include at least 8GB of RAM for Budget Dedicated Se...