CA Cloud Launches New Global Content Delivery Network Service for Cloud Hosting Customers

CA Cloud releases new CDN and worldwide Points of Presence in combination with their high-performance cloud hosting services to achieve move coverage at a lower cost than legacy CDN services Original PR Web post Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 22, 2015 CA Cloud, the leading Canadian Cloud Hosting provider, has announced the public availability of their Content Delivery Network (CDN) service for Canadian cloud hosting customers. The new CDN service allows customers to accelerate delivery of their content, video and applications. It uses multiple strategic high performance locations, including ...

Canadian Web Hosting Completes VMware Virtual SAN Upgrade and Releases New Storage Services for Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting Customers

Canadian Web Hosting completes SAN Infrastructure upgrade of VMware Virtual SAN distributed storage service and makes it publically available to customers. Original PR Web post Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 21, 2015 Canadian Web Hosting, Canada’s leading web hosting and cloud service provider, has announced the public availability of their VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) storage service that delivers highly available, flexible, scalable, high performance storage to their customers for their VMware-based services, including Shared Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and VMware-based enterpris...

Qualify your site for Google’s “Mobile-friendly” icon!

We have all browsed that website on a mobile phone where the text is too small, or it’s not designed to fit properly and we have to scroll horizontally. Worse yet is when something simply does not load (no Flash plug-ins). Google recently released some resources, including a “Mobile-friendly” label in their search results that tells you which sites are mobile-optimized so you don’t have to zoom in to read that interesting article you found during your morning commute. So if you are trying to get more traffic on your website, it is probably a smart idea to follow these tips for qualifying...

The Optimized YouTube Channel

YouTube has surged in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the fact that it is a convenient source of videos and can be accessed on almost any device through its website or app. View anything from personal vlogs (video logs) and movie trailers to tutorials and records of Hangouts on Air. YouTube is easily the first place someone turns to for entertainment, education, tutorials or advice. So we are on YouTube everyday – why not take advantage of this ever-popular website to help better your business? Grow your YouTube audience and optimize your channel to bring in potential clients by l...

Canadian Web Hosting offers Intrusion Detection and Protection through their TippingPoint Intrusion System

As a hosting company, one of our biggest and most serious threats is an unauthorized access into our networks. These threats are caused by intruders and viruses – the two most serious issues in our industry. Intruders who do not have authorized access to a system will probably need to penetrate a system and gather information on a user to access data, programs, and resources. Intruders may also attempt to launch an attack after compromising a system. Intrusions can vary in severity. Some examples of intrusions include: gaining email access of former employees, guessing/cracking passwords...