YouTube has surged in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the fact that it is a convenient source of videos and can be accessed on almost any device through its website or app. View anything from personal vlogs (video logs) and movie trailers to tutorials and records of Hangouts on Air. YouTube is easily the first place someone turns to for entertainment, education, tutorials or advice.

So we are on YouTube everyday – why not take advantage of this ever-popular website to help better your business? Grow your YouTube audience and optimize your channel to bring in potential clients by learning more about your YouTube Channel:

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  1. Search engines spider Channel Pages – your channel ranks in organic searches.
  2. Your Channel Title is linked to your Google+ Page Title (if your accounts are linked).
  3. YouTube ranks you by Channel Page views.
  4. Your YouTube username links are dofollow-linked back to your Channel page.
  5. Your YouTube accounts are linked to their Google+ pages. They will display the same name, photo, and public videos.
  6. Management of YouTube channels and Google+ pages are through the same user accounts.

Make your YouTube Page better by customizing it:

  • Create a name and avatar through YouTube or the linked Google+ Page in Channel Settings.
  • Add a Channel Description in the About

Your Channel Description can be optimized by following these tips:

  • The description’s first few sentences are what appears most frequently across YouTube. Write the most important stuff first!
  • Describe the content your viewers will see through your channel.
  • Use relevant keywording in your description.
  • Include any video schedule you may have (e.g. “New videos every Monday!”).
  • Add any business information (e.g. contact email address for inquiries).

Add Channel Keywords!

  • In Account Information, add keywords, separated by commas.
  • Phrases can be added by using quotation marks.

Optimize your Channel Icon!

  • Use your business logo as your avatar.
  • Upload it in YouTube’s recommended size of 800×800 pixels so it’s optimized for the reduced 28×28 pixel display.
  • Avoid text in the image since it will be too small to read.

Use Channel Art!

  • Upload a 2560×1449 pixel image as your header.
  • Remember that different devices will display this header differently, so opt for something simple or a pattern image to avoid parts of your picture being cut off.
  • YouTube tells us that the middle 1546×423 pixel area is text and logo safe.

Use Channel Art Links!

  • Your Channel Art can be linked to external URLs, but these links are nofollow. However, they may still be a good source of traffic to your website.
  • Add links by hovering over the Channel Art image, clicking the pencil icon and then pressing “Edit links”.
  • You can add up to 5 links onto this Channel Art, so definitely include any social media links you may have. YouTube will automatically add an icon for these links instead of using text URLs.
  • To make use of the multiple links, make sure to choose the corresponding number of custom links in the drop down menu to match how many you’re using so that they all show up.
  • The first link will be a text URL link – add your business link here with a variation of “Visit our website” in the text field.

Have a YouTube Partner Account!

  • If you have a YouTube Partner Account with a verified YouTube Channel, you can add a link to your website under Associated Website.
  • You can also enter a Google Analytics Property and the UA Tracking code to monitor your channel traffic.

Use Playlists!

  • Playlists help you control what order your videos are viewed in. This is particularly useful for series of tutorials or to break up longer videos into shorter time frames.
  • Use playlists to sort videos into topics.
  • Playlists allow you to create unique thumbnails and target keywords – playlists can show up in video search as well as standalone videos.

Up your Channel Page’s Ranking!

  • Link back to your Channel Home to help it rank higher on search engines
  • Use appropriate keywords for these links.
  • Use social media to drive views.
  • Have your channel “be seen” – get listed as a “related video”, comment on other videos, subscribe to other channels. These are good link-backs that could bring you views.

Sheila W.