The primary function of social media for business is to spread the word about your business through PR. In fact, with the sheer number of people online, it is impossible to have an effective PR strategy that doesn’t involve social media. The point is to earn the most positive coverage and reach the most potential customers possible.

Here are a few creative ways to maximize your PR on Social Media.

Be a Guest Blogger

Writing as a guest or contributor on major blogs dealing with your area of expertise can go a long way for PR. It allows you to target a whole new audience, while also getting a backlink to your own website, adding to your search engine credibility.

LinkedIn Posts from CEO

Like guest blogging, LinkedIn is an often neglected space which can help you reach a different untapped audience. If you have your company leader (CEO or Co-Founder) write a piece on their personal page or on the company’s page, it can be beneficial. This is doubly true if you’re a business to business company.

Influencer Marketing/Ambassador Program

Influencer marketing is another tactic that should not be ignored. When you find an influencer that not only has a similar audience to yours but their tone, style and content match the values of your company, this can be a great, mutually beneficial opportunity for collaboration. This could be doing a content swap or sending bloggers free samples in exchange for a review.

Additionally, if you’re an organization with a robust marketing budget, you can also invest in an ambassador program, which consists of appointing several individuals to talk about your company in exchange for money, products, or other perks.

Engage with Journalists

This is not to say that you should just approach journalists and start asking for a shout-out. You should slowly build trust through sharing their content, being helpful to them and having non-promotional conversations to build a personal relationship.

Social-Ready Press Releases

Incorporate social media into your press releases. For example, put social media sharing buttons in your press releases on your website to make them easily sharable. You can also make them more memorable by using graphics, charts, infographics, etc. to get your message across in multiple ways. Finally, where possible, try to use short sentences that can be easily tweeted to promote your posts.

Crisis Management Plan

The worst case scenario for any company is when there are major negative media stories about them, and their response falls short of satisfactory. Take for example, United Airlines’ PR debacle only a few short weeks ago. The company, no matter how large or small, must be prepared with an honest response where you acknowledge the problem, apologies, and state clearly what you are/plan to do about it.