We all know about the new King Kong movie and see visions of Kong running around New York being shot at by airplanes and seeing the “friendship” between Kong and Jessica Langes character.  I confess that going into this we didn’t know what to expect or really what the movie was about outside of being a new King Kong movie.

I can say that almost from the beginning it was a heck of a ride.  There was some pointless acting, over the top CGI, but in the end who cares when you can watch Kong battle creepy lizards and various beasts around the island.   “Your first thought when you see him towering over you should be that this is a god,” said director Jordan Vogt-Roberts in a interview.  The new movie seems to give the monster something that wasn’t readily apparent in previous movies.  For me, I already know who Kong is and now I get some better understanding of the beast, the island and the mythology before he even sets foot off of his beloved homeland.

What we find out as the movie progresses is that Kong is viewed as a god, but more importantly as a protector of the inhabitants of the island keeping them from the other dangerous creatures that roam the land. This helps create some of the tension between the characters of the movie and provides context on why he spends his days either fighting off various threats or wandering aimlessly around the island, in search, it seems, of some kind of company.

During the first 5 minutes the movie starts in 1944 towards the end of World War 2 and  you see an American and Japanese pilot crash land and play chase while trying to kill each other.  And just like that – Boom – we get to see Kong.  He is huge, beastly, scary, grumpy and very much the bad-boy you expect.  From there, we fast forward to 1973 and we are now at the end of the Vietnam War.  After a bit of back and forth with John Goodmans character the the military and the mysterious outfit “Monarch” are headed to Skull Island.  A group of military veterans and helicopter pilots are transporting the science crew to the island to survey the land and as the near the island you see it is serene, peaceful and like a paradise.   What we don’t know is that there is more to the story about the island and about the real reasons Monarch wanted to survey the island.

Similar to the first 5 minutes, it doesn’t take long to put you back in your seat and catching your breath from some pretty tasty action that is definitely over the top.

From the moment that one of the helicopter’s pilots falls out of the window, directly into Kong’s mouth, and right before the Director immediately cuts to a shot of Kong taking taking a huge bit of something delicious like a giant Chocolate Whopper, it becomes clear that Skull Island won’t hold any punches.   You man versus beast and beast versus beast fighting. If you have seen Pacific Rim it gives you an idea of what these large beasts fighting will look like.  There are moments when it feels more like an amusement park ride versus a traditional monster movie and after seen Logan recently it was surprisingly awesome!

If you are more into characters than the action, the film’s more emotional moments don’t seem to blend with the stylistic aspects of the film, and I think that can easily be explained Skull Island is the main supporting character and the human supporting characters Samuel L. Jackson,  Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and John Goodman all turn in adequate performances as the film’s characters, but one of Skull Island’s more prominent flaws is how much more interesting and fleshed out the supporting characters around them appear to be.  The best character of the movie the one you find on the island later on. I won’t elaborate more but it adds some nice humor and breaks from the action.

Would I recommend it – Yes.  Is it better than Logan, in my mind yes.  In the cloud wars today, Kong is like AWS and continually battling off the other monsters – IBM, Microsoft, Google but its just him against the world.  If you want to see some great action and scary monsters fight it out then get down to the theatre.

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