If you don’t already know, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet after Google.

According to ComScore, video search on YouTube accounts for 1/4 of all Google search queries in US.
That is a lot of searches and is getting more important for online business owner.

The benefits of getting  YouTube videos ranked highly in Google organic search engine are enormous:

Increased traffic to your site
Incoming links from You Tube
Push a competitor off the first page of Google
New top 10 search keyword ranking

Here are 8 strategies for ranking highly:

1. Keep YouTube videos under 3 minutes

The length is important as shorter videos generate more views, more views mean increased popularity, more popularity results in more comments and bookmarks, which in turn leads to incoming links.  Increased links increases Google PageRank and thus higher video rankings in organic search results.

2.  Optimize Your Video Title with Target Keywords

3. Optimize Your Video Description with Target Keywords

Include your keywords twice in the description.
Put the link of the site you want to promote at the beginning of the video description.

4.  Use Your Target Keywords as YouTube Video Tags

5.  Use Your Website Name as Your YouTube User Name

6.  Generate Views, Comments and Honors on your Videos

Views are like votes on YouTube.  The videos that generate the most views get highlighted by YouTube which results in more views.  Increased views result in increased honors and more notice.  Increased views and honors lead to comments by YouTube users.  Usually, it takes about 1000 views to generate one comment.  A highly discussed or commented video will increase the popularity of the video and result in better rankings.  This can also lead to users bookmarking and is another metric used by YouTube to track.

So how do I generate this?

Link a video from your site
Send to YouTube subscriber list
Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social sites
Email your video link to friends
Use new YouTube Sponsored Video campaign
Try TubeThumper YouTube views software

The main theme is to market your video to achieve good rankings.

7.  Embed your Video into Websites, Threads, and Blogs

For more info on how to embed videos, check out YouTube help section

8.  Build Links into your Video using Targeted Anchor Texts

By far the most important factor in generating high-ranking Google organic results for your YouTube videos is targeted anchor text link building.