Google recently released another tool in the Webmaster Tools ( under the Labs label.   The tools released here are very new and under construction.   This tool is called Malware Details and its purpose is to crawl websites and report any malicious code on the website that is harmful to web surfers.  This can be useful as Google shows an image to the web surfer when they click on your link on the search results  such as this one:


When your web surfer sees this, most likely they will not visit the site.  As a result, you’ll lose valuable clicks from Google.

We see this happening already on sites which have their local computers infected with the Gumblar virus.  This virus searches the local computer for saved ftp login information in ftp clients and overwrites the pages with malicious code.  It’s always good to have up to date antivirus and antispyware scanners running the latest definition files.  For more information on this type of infection, do a search on Google for “gumblar virus”.

We are  going to be installing malware scanners on our servers during the next several weeks that will look for malicious code uploaded via compromised ftp accounts and automatically quarantine those files.

To get started with Malware Details, login to Google Webmaster Tools (or signup to this free service if you haven’t already done so) and go to the dashboard and click Labs on the left and click Malware Details.


Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru
Canadian Web Hosting