Google Entering The Market

Whether you’re searching for the right applicant for the job, or actively seeking a job opportunity, the work involved is tedious and nerve-racking. Google is looking to enter the job recruitment market in an effort to make things easier.

Google For Jobs

While they have yet to release specifics, Google has made it clear it intends to enter the market, with rumors spreading that it had launched the website recently. What’s more, the company plans on focusing its efforts on the whole job spectrum, starting from entry-level all the way to corporate positions. Their new platform will be powered by Google’s AI, which is being called “Google for Jobs”.

Awaiting The News

Google’s plan remains incoherent for the time-being, and it seems this new addition “Google for Jobs” is separate from their other service “Google Hire”, which only deepens the mystery. One thing is for sure; Google is fast approaching their launch of “Google Hire”, and plans to make a big splash in the recruiting market. Without a doubt, this introduction will be the first of many announcements to come, with more information expected to drop sometime in the near future.