Google is making big moves yet again, this time announcing it would introduce ad-blocker into its search engine Google Chrome in the near future. The news was received with much delight from many publishers around the world. Although they are projected to lose some online ad revenue, this bold move is being praised by publishers for attempting to clean up the online advertising sphere. The ad-blocker is slated to target ads that readers would find irritating or obnoxious, and includes pop-ups, interstitials, and auto-play videos.

While it is good to know Google is attempting to clean up the online advertising environment, it could also be a cause for concern. As we have stated previously, this change brings Google another avenue of power over the Internet, essentially exercising censorship in deciding which ads are good, and which are bad. In a way, it helps them narrow the market down, leaving less choice for the users. At the moment, Google is only eliminating the ads that everyone hates but at the same time is also already beginning to place standards on good and bad ads. And with the integration of AdBlock in their search engine, Google has more power than ever to control the state of ad-blocking.

As it stands right now, Google is producing a higher standard for online advertisers to uphold, but as time goes by, we may see an online advertising market that is largely controlled by Google. 

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