Today at Google Cloud Next ’17 the search giant discussed the “dark matter” of machine learning and unveiled a new API and service that uses machine learning to search videos and automatically find and detail what is included.

For example, if you have some videos of your dog and want to go through your home videos to just find videos of your dog, you can run your videos through the API and the service will tell you what was included and where to find it. There are a lot of interesting possibilities for this type of service and it will be exciting to see where it goes in a few years.

One concern for me in particular though is privacy and if these publicly consumable videos can find and identify particular people or things where privacy could be a concern. If anyone has seen Logan and the preview for Dave Eggers’ The Circle you will know what I’m talking about.

To start, the Cloud Video Intelligence API is now in private beta, which means that businesses and companies will get first access before the regular consumer can use it. Ultimately, that makes sense as companies have the time and resources to invest into these new technologies, which may require a higher level of technical expertise to operate.

So what is Cloud Video? And why companies first? It would be safe to define this new service as an enterprise solution built on deep-learning using Googles TensorFlow frameworks that is able to parse through stored videos and extract metadata important to their business.

Once setup, the API will search for “entities” like nouns found in videos and indicate when that object appears. It can even detect when scenes change as the video progresses. So what’s the catch?  Well you guess it, companies have to store their data on Google Cloud Storage to run the service. If you are a YouTube user, you shouldn’t expect these advanced search functions just yet but as with most of Google’s “beta” services, it won’t be long before it finds a way into your daily life.

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