In July 2009, Google announced that they will be coming out with their own operating system.

Last week, they publicly made the Google Chromium code available for download at

Note this is the open source version which means means the code is free, accessible to anyone and open for contribution.

The Google Chrome version will be available next year and is proprietary code as is the Google Chrome web browser compared to the Google Chromium open source web browser at  Both projects are sponsored by Google and is akin to Redhat vs Fedora.

It looks like the os is based on web apps.  The entire experience takes place within the browser and there are no conventional desktop applications. This means users do not have to deal with installing, managing and updating programs.

Secondly, all apps will exist within the web browser.  Unlike traditional operating systems, Chrome OS doesn’t trust the applications you run. Each app is contained within a security sandbox making it harder for malware and viruses to infect your computer.

Thirdly, it’s optimized for speed.  They claim you can be web surfing within several seconds of starting the computer!

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Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru
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