Facebook recently launched its Branded Content feature, which enables trusted and verified brands to tag other businesses or brands within their post. Having a trusted and popular brand tagging your business in their posts can mean that thousands of people will have seen, commented and shared it. Utilized to its full potential, Branded Content is both an invaluable resource to you and your tagging partner.

This feature is not available to everyone and is limited to influencers (celebrities) and famous names or brands that have a verified status, the status most companies aspire to reach. To check if a brand is verified, simply go to their page and look for a blue check mark under their name. The blue check mark symbolizes power on Facebook, meaning you have real influence on the social media platform.

Finding the right influencer is just as crucial as the content you provide. To avoid searching aimlessly for a brand, first understand the interests of your customers, and look for businesses that also have customers that share similar interests. While you want to look for brands with a large follower group, it’s also important to take into account the quality of its followers. A brand can have over 500,000 followers, but maintain a lower engagement rate than a company that has 200,000 followers. Finding the right brand for your company can be painstakingly difficult, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Perhaps the most difficult part is reaching out to influencers. There are several ways to do this. To begin, you can share their content in an impactful way, giving your own insight as well as praise for the post. You can also add to the conversation by posting an effective comment that will spark conversation in their comments section. It’s also possible to create a review of a product or service they provide in a blog post or a video. When the time is right, reach out directly to the brand through email or private messages to arrange some sort of meeting. Bear in mind that you should take time to build relationships while focusing on engaging your audiences rather than reaching out to as many people as possible.

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