Windows Server 2016

Canadian Web Hosting Has Announced Support for Windows Server 2016 for all New and Existing Web Hosting Clients Including Cloud Hosting, Dedicated and Clustered Servers, VPS and Hyper-V Servers.

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading provider of IT services and web hosting solutions in Canada, announced today its full support for Windows Server 2016 for web hosting plans including Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Cloud Servers running Windows and Hyper-V. As Canadian Web Hosting prioritizes providing early adoption of new technologies, our business and enterprise clients are given the latest generation of Microsoft’s Server Operating System to boost their service offerings and infrastructure.

Windows Server 2016 is jam-packed with powerful innovations and offerings. There are three main areas of new and improved features, but it is certainly not limited to these. First, clients will have advanced multi-layer security. As attacks have become more sophisticated, the added multiple layers of built-in protection will help to reduce risks, quickly detect suspicious activities, block malicious attacks, and extend protection to virtual machines. Second, clients will be able to operate more efficiently with a software-defined datacenter, which allows clients to manage their physical and virtual network devices and other resources with greater flexibility. Third, clients will be able to run both existing and cloud-native applications using the new Windows Server Containers and Nano Servers.

Docker and Microsoft have partnered so that the Docker Engine will be available to Windows Server 2016. The Docker Engine will be compatible to Windows, Linux, and hybrid workloads, as users are able to access a single platform for both Windows and Linux applications on all infrastructures. The Windows Server Containers are managed through the Docker Client or Microsoft’s PowerShell and will allow applications to be packaged and be transferred to servers easily.

The new Nano Server, which is an operating system that runs modern cloud applications and acts as a platform for containers, is smaller, faster, more secure, and reduces reboots by 80%. Clients are then able to compartmentalize and consolidate their virtual machines on one host and port and execute their Nano Server instances from anywhere, which allows optimization for minimum resource usage.

Canadian Web Hosting is one of the first companies to make Windows Server 2016 available. Clients can choose from three editions offered based on their size and virtualization and datacenter requirements. The Essentials edition offers cloud-connected first server, the Standard edition offers enterprise-class features with limited virtualization rights, and the Datacenter edition offers unlimited virtualization rights and the ability to build a software-defined data center, which will bring down costs of running private clouds. With its many advantages, it is no surprise clients are progressing towards or operating in a highly virtualized cloud environment. Our team of certified Microsoft specialists will work with our clients to get them into the best version of Windows Server 2016 that will lead them to faster and more powerful business solutions.  Contact Canadian Web Hosting today at 1-888-821-7888 or by email at to learn more.

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