Yesterday we landed in Las Vegas to begin our journey into IBM InterConnect 2017.  Having just finished Google Cloud Next 2017 and coming away impressed, we are anxious to continue to see what IBM’s vision of the future looks like.   At Google, we heard about a lot of new services around cloud, containers, enterprise capabilities, machine learning and AI.  Before getting to Vegas, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and testing of IBM’s Bluemix and the capabilities that could have a potential impact and value add for our customers.   I think it would be safe to say that this might be the year that AI breaks out.

We’ve all been hearing about Watson and all the great things that it can do, but IBM seems focused on delivering hybrid cloud to their end users and allowing them to run whatever type of infrastructure they want.  There is also a significant focus on Cognitive Services and Augmenting capabilities for workers, businesses and people.

Compared to Google Cloud Next’s launch, IBM does know how to get things rocking and I am impressed with the polish of the event.  The image below shows the rock concert that is IBM InterConnect.

Canadian Web Hosting attends IBM InterConnect 2017

The rock show that is IBM InterConnect 2017

At the Google event there were a lot of awkward moments and seeing/hearing the speakers from IBM you can’t help but come away impressed.

Initially, I am excited to learn more about IBM’s new application container service uses the Kubernetes container orchestration platform to automatically manage the infrastructure needed to create, run and secure containers for deployment across multiple systems.  Today, at Canadian Web Hosting we are utilizing a similar model for our own systems and see a lot of benefit in bringing these capabilities to our customers.

IBM is also bringing several new features to their containers to improve security including a Vulnerability Advisor that integrates into IBMs X-Force Exchange threat intelligence-sharing network.   We also expect to see hybrid cloud software and services running across varied infrastructure including on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments.   Lastly, Google, Microsoft and AWS have all been showing drastic improvements in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and one of IBM’s initiatives is to continue to expand its Watson intelligent analytics and question-answering platform including what IBM calls “Cognitive Assistant” to help manage a company’s network of devices.  While this sounds great I’m not sure how applicable it is for small or even medium size businesses.

On to day 2 including a summary to Tuesday’s keynote with the CEO’s of IBM, AT&T, Salesforce and HR Block.