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BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 Recap

Last Saturday, we (Canadian Cloud Hosting – proudly sponsored WordCamp Vancouver 2012 at the platinum level and the following next two days, we went one step further by supporting the first ever BuddyCamp in the world. In addition to being present, we also made sure to be available virtually as we pride ourselves in being a social brand and we really enjoyed connecting with every BuddyPress enthusiasts.

Check out @JonJennings on Twitter! He’s one of the participants who highly engaged with us.

Over those two days, on Sunday, October 14th, and Monday, October 15th, we enjoyed spending time with a more intimate crowd, and of course, we gave free swag and shared more information about Canadian Cloud Hosting with anyone who visited our table. On Monday, the organizers invited us to run a hands’ on workshop where we had the pleasure and opportunity to show how easy it was to install WordPress onto CA Cloud Hosting, then, after BuddyPress was set up, a small group worked on an e-book using this collaborative plugin, BuddyPress. Speaking of free stuff, if you were an in-person or virtual participant, we invite you to come visit us and try our cloud hosting services at by using our promotional code CACLOUDBP30 to receive an exclusive 30% off. Since this was a very special and one-of-a-kind event, we’re extending our promo code to run through November 30th, 2012.

Lastly, we took the time to curate BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 for the BuddyPress community worldwide, which you can share with your peers. If we missed your own recaps and if you’d like to be included, please, tweet us at @cawebhosting. Being a part of such a collaborative, genuine and eager group made it a true honour for us to sponsor the first ever BuddyCamp. If you’re on Facebook, we shared our event photos and if you catch yourself in any of them, we invite you to tag yourself. We already look forward to our next event sponsorship, so if you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment below.

#BuddyCamp (@buddycampyvr) Vancouver 2012 Recap

On October, Sunday 14th, and Monday 15th, 2012, at the BCIT Burnaby Campus, we ( were the proud platinum sponsor of BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 – the first ever in the world. If you’d like us to add your recaps or relevant content, please tweet us at @cawebhosting.

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Sponsored EventsPinterest = proud platinum sponsor of the first ever BuddyCamp in the world!
RT @buddycampyvr: Matt Mullenweg, @photomatt, coming to #buddycamp Vancouver! Future of the social Web? Tickets going fast. โ€ฆPaul Gibbs
Matt Mullenweg coming to BuddyCamp! | BuddyCamp VancouverWe are really pleased to be able to announce the last minute addition of Matt Mullenweg to the BuddyCamp line-up! Matt Mullenweg will be …
#BuddyCamp: thanks BCIT for hosting @buddycampyvr. Web Hosting
RT @photomatt: Iโ€™ll be in Vancouver on Sunday at #buddycamp Engine
Breakfast is over. #BuddyCamp is starting. @buddycampyvr @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Web Hosting
RT @pgibbs: Not being in Vancouver today for the worldโ€™s first #BuddyCamp? Grab a livestream ticket #buddypressGrant Potter
#buddycamp Watching the live stream, awesome!Suzette Franck
Woot its Buddycamp day! How are you watching #buddycamp ? Lister
RT @dimensionmedia: Told my wife I’m watching #BuddyCamp and she says if i need buddies, she has friends she can introduce me to.Ana Aires
What’s #buddycamp? I see it on my Twitter feed!Kimberly Nguyen-Don
BuddyCamp VancouverWe are really pleased to be able to announce the last minute addition of Matt Mullenweg to the BuddyCamp line-up! Matt Mullenweg will be …
RT @jkudish: @jjj presenting at #buddycamp Lobaugh
Who cares about some guy jumping back to earth from space, #BuddyCamp is on! Schmierer
RT @dimensionmedia: BuddyPress panel or geeky American Idol judges? #buddycamp Rose
Attending the first ever #buddycamp in #Vancouver. @buddy @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Lam
I love the #drupal installation profiles. If you want this for WP check out WP Install Profiles: #buddycampSarah Gooding
Create, Store and Share WordPress Installation Profiles OnlineA few months ago I wrote about how you can save time setting up WordPress by creating your own installation profiles. Since that time the…
"Hi Matt, we’ve never meet before. I’m Boone". This is one reason I love #buddycamp and #wcyvr Jennings
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"BuddyPress is P2 for the entire network." @JJJ #BuddyCampDavid Bisset
I always have a hard time hearing @photomatt at camps – great philosophy, low voice :\ #buddycampMario Y. Peshev
At #BuddyCamp @photomatt keeps alluding to the future being people escaping from Facebook, Twitter, etc… Exporting and setting up in BPGrant Landram
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RT @karmatosed: Niche puppies and car clubs – the heart of BuddyPress ๐Ÿ™‚ #buddycampSarah Gooding
Web HumourPinterest
I like the idea that right now #BuddyPress is focused on creating smaller, more engaged networks at the moment. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
CampTix Event Ticketing plugin mentioned at #buddycamp: Bisset
WordPress โ€บ CampTix Event Ticketing " WordPress PluginsCampTix is an easy to use and flexible event ticketing plugin created by Allow visitors to purchase tickets to your online …
Break time soon. MT @benlobaugh: getting really tired of #wcyvr & #BuddyCamp chairs. No back support. You are expected to have good posture.Felice Lam
RT @EricaHargreave: Note to Self: Check out CampTix – plugin for ticketing for WordCamps. Other ticketing applications? #BuddyCampFelice Lam
RT @GrantLandram: We should give this panel a standing ovation. They make it all possible #BuddyCampJeff Rose
@ray_i_am and @apeatling where killing it at the #BuddyCamp panel. They are the strong silent types.Bowe Frankema
Free software is a social good. – @boone #BuddyCampGlen Hombrebueno
"Build it & they will fund." @Boone >> a philosophy we’ve had fun with & that platforms like #WordPress & #BuddyPress make pos. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
"People first, content 2nd." ~ @Boone >> a good philosophy for building a University community. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Enjoying @Boone’s talk on using #WordPress & #BuddyPress to create CUNY. Seems like a great solution for online ed & collab. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Jill I like you already! @felicelam @jillbinder stopped raining now. Glad to be inside with #BuddyCamp too!Gloria Antonelli
If you’re on the livestream and want to enter our free raffle to win free hosting for a year, please RT for an entry! #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
Sponsored EventsPinterest
Great idea! Plugin – BuddyPress Docs protects intellectual property vs Google Docs. #BuddyCampErin Anne Beirne
Arrived a little late at #buddycamp in Vancouver, one might say it’s because of the #wcyvr after party ;-)Silvan Hagen
Web HumourPinterest
Really looking forward to presentation later today! #BuddyCampErin Anne Beirne
Commons In A Box | Just another WordPress siteCBox’s WordPress plugin keeps a BuddyPress site on even keel. It manages a robust set of BuddyPress "add-ons" – actively supported, open …
My mental wheels are spinning on how-to-apply ideas as I learn possibilities and realities of #BuddyPress ! #BuddyCamp #VancouverErin Anne Beirne
So what does a WordPress Developer do on a rainy Sunday? Crash #BuddyCamp just to meet @photomatt #wcyvrRobert Dall
RT @boone: It’s on! #buddycamp Su?cov
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RT @GloriaAntonelli: Great presentation by @boone at #BuddyCamp. Story of CUNY Academic Commons. (Jeazy) Felisme
CUNY Academic Commons Development Blog – building CUNY Communities since 2009I’ve just released version 1.4.9 of the CUNY Academic Commons. 1.4.9 is a bugfix release, with the following improvements:
"Build it & they will fund" via @Boone #buddycamp #edupunk #FPIntellJeff Arsenault
WordPress is like a car, if you lock it itโ€™s secure. #buddycampChristine Rondeau
Is WordPress secure? Like your car, just "lock the doors." #BuddyCampErin Anne Beirne
This is a great quote. RT @erin_anne Is WordPress secure? Like your car, just "lock the doors." #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
I’m attending #BuddyCamp Vancouver today, from CoMo, thanks to the live stream. Thanks, sponsors, and techs!David Cavins
Our pleasure! RT @daveycavey I’m attending #BuddyCamp Vancouver today, from CoMo, thanks to the live stream. Thanks, sponsors, and techs!Canadian Web Hosting
Slides from my #BuddyCamp presentation on @cunycommons, free software, and universities: B. Gorges
Free Software and the University – Boone B Gorges – BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012CUNY Academic Commons, Commons In A Box, Anthologize, etc
"Legalizing marijuana now a liberal party policy, thanks to #BuddyPress & #WordPress." #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
#buddycamp But could Buddy Press have nicer graphics in the user interface ?westend atelier
#buddycamp CUNY Academic Commons – OK great you get over writer’s block – but what about plagarism – or is an issue in social mediawestend atelier
Hey @buddycampyvr I just bought a livestream password. I got a confirmation email by no PW. Is this a manual process? Help. #buddycampJared Bennett
Great to see BPML as a free add-on to WPML to make @buddypress multilingual. #buddycamp Hagen
WordPress โ€บ BuddyPress Multilingual " WordPress PluginsThe plugin allows building multilingual BuddyPress sites. It works with single-site or multi-site BuddyPress installs. Both the main site…
Buddy Press Groups inside Facebook. Very Cool! #buddycampJean (Jeazy) Felisme
RT @suzettework: #BuddyCamp Amazing use of BP for a political site, #inspirationCanadian Web Hosting
Why #WordPress for the Liberal Party? Secure, scalable, ‘plugin for that’, 100s of sites, 100s of admins, easy to admin … #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Learning about how #WordPress and #BuddyPress has benefited the Liberal Party online. #BuddyCamp #lpcGlen Hombrebueno
Please always use __() and _e() in your plugin. Itโ€™s crucial for multilingual sites.Cc @stephBoisvert #buddycampChristine Rondeau
RT @boone: Slides from my #BuddyCamp presentation on @cunycommons, free software, and universities:
RT @jb510: AWESOME! @stephBoisvert showing BuddyPress inside Facebook via app & custom WP theme #BuddyCamp I’m changing #MauiWP meetup to this! #wcyvrMoruf Keji Biobakuโ„ข
#buddycamp after #wcyvr so far living up to my expectations, do wish there was Q time after talks. (at BCIT) โ€” Brown
Q&A all at 11:45am RT @jb510: #buddycamp after #wcyvr so far living up to my expectations, do wish there was Q time after talks. (at BCIT)Jill Binder
MT @buddycampyvr: Questions for Boone, Stephane and Michael after Michael’s talk. #buddycamp We can take some from livestream folks.Jill Binder
Watching the Red Bull Stratos #LiveJump while manning my @cawebhosting table. Cool stuff all around! #buddycampFelice Lam
I wonder how many people at #BuddyCamp are watching Felix during his #livejump.Sean Cull
We did and he just landed, wow!! RT @seanreloaded I wonder how many people at #BuddyCamp are watching Felix during his #livejump.Canadian Web Hosting
Amazing StuntsPinterest
That was intense! Glad to see him on the ground and safe after breaking some amazing records #livejump. Now back to #BuddyCamp.Christopher Cochran
Stephane Boisvert on Politics 2.0 using BuddyPressStephane Boisvert on Politics 2.0 using BuddyPress
Great presentation by @stephBoisvert on how the Canadian liberal party is using BuddyPress for their site. Great ideas! #BuddyCampTom Carney
Slide of how the Liberal Party codes their #BuddyPress #Facebook app. #BuddyCamp Media
@stephBoisvert #buddycamp You are kicking ass with BP at!Boone B. Gorges
@boone thanks! it’s all built on the great work of the community. #buddycampStephane Boisvert
Community building tactics for BuddyPress sites by Michael Cyger up next at #buddycamp. Kickass morning so far. Wish I could be there live.Gloria Antonelli
#BuddyCamp live stream attendees: you have until the end of the event for a chance to win free cloud hosting. Please RT for an entry.Canadian Web Hosting
RT @buddycampyvr: There will be a chance for questions for Boone, Stephane and Michael after Michael’s talk. #buddycamp We can take some from livestream folksTammie Lister
RT @cawebhosting: #BuddyCamp live stream attendees: you have until the end of the event for a chance to win free cloud hosting. Please RT for an entry.Jean (Jeazy) Felisme
RT @cawebhosting: #BuddyCamp live stream attendees: you have until the end of the event for a chance to win free cloud hosting. Please RT for an entry.Suzette Franck
RT @cawebhosting: #BuddyCamp live stream attendees: you have until the end of the event for a chance to win free cloud hosting. Please RT for an entry.chatty
RT @cawebhosting: #BuddyCamp live stream attendees: you have until the end of the event for a chance to win free cloud hosting. Please RT for an entry.Valentine Cosgrave
Am I the only one that thinks the volume is painfully LOUD? Could somebody turn the volume down in here a little? #buddycamp #wcyvrJon Brown
@jb510 no, you are right. The mic is at a piercing pitch. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
@ericahargreave Thanks to Siri (sp?) for getting the volume turned down, much better now #buddycamp @buddycampyvrJon Brown
Last call for anyone onsite at #BuddyCamp to drop off your business cards for our raffle. We’re out after lunch and we’ll be back tomorrow!Canadian Web Hosting
THANK YOU!!!! #BuddycampJon Brown
RT @jb510: THANK YOU!!!! #Buddycamp // YOU’RE welcome buddy :)Erik Blair
@buddycampyvr I have a question for @boone, how did you get so AWESOME? #BuddyCampmodemlooper
Nice monitoring & response to the #BuddyCamp stream. Re: mic pitch Thank you!Erica Hargreave
Yup, @buddycampyvr is doing a great job! RT @EricaHargreave Nice monitoring & response to the #BuddyCamp stream. Re: mic pitch Thank you!Canadian Web Hosting
Thank you @buddycampyvr "livestreamers" for entering our virtual raffle. One entry per tweep. Open until closing. #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
@buddycampyvr We just RT’d you, so you should RT our livestream/on site raffles tweets, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Free stuff at #BuddyCamp. cc @jkudishCanadian Web Hosting
Hope everyone enjoyed the presentation! Getting ready for your questions during the panel. #buddycampStephane Boisvert
Great talk, cool to see #WordPress & #BuddyPress in Political sites RT @stephBoisvert: Hope everyone enjoyed the presentation! #buddycampJean (Jeazy) Felisme
@stephBoisvert do you have a link to the slides to your presentation? #buddycamp thank you!Suzette Franck
@suzettework voila :)Stephane Boisvert
WordPress โ€บ Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMSA semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
"Most important thing on a social feed is the picture." ~ @MichaelCyger >> Agreed! #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
The food is being set up at @buddycampyvr. Salads, sandwiches, potato salads, etc… Who’s hungry? #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
RT @cawebhosting: #BuddyCamp lunch has arrived! #hungry @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Hughes (? ? ?)
Noticed BP-Better-Directories featured in a slide in @boone’s presentation. Is that production-ready now? Scary warnings on repo #buddycampJared Bennett
@mrjarbenne #buddycamp You can use it. Just monitor closely for slow queries, especially with large communitiesBoone B. Gorges
RT @AhimsaMedia: "Social media is sexy, but email is not dead." ~ @MichaelCyger >> So true. #BuddyCampGlen Hombrebueno
RT @photomatt: Updating footer at #buddycamp, now links to bbPress and BuddyPress.Robert Dall
#buddycamp #wordoftheday #gamification #awesomeSuzette Franck
If iSixSigma needed a belt above Master Black, it would be @boone-coloured. #buddycampJared Bennett
Community Building 4 #BuddyPress w/ @MichaelCyger: Know ur audience, their needs, ur biz model, ur stuff & how 2 foster community #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Check out @telusbusiness on social media #buddycamp Jang
Any questions from live stream? #buddycampBuddyCamp Vancouver
Psst, #BuddyCamp. We found fruits and cookies! @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Web Hosting
Super cool bash prompt builder for git & svn info: #buddycamp #wcyvrMike Schroder
Bash Prompt Builder –
A slide from @MichaelCyger on ‘How to Foster Community & Interactions’. #BuddyCamp Media
RT @photomatt: Updating footer at #buddycamp, now links to bbPress and BuddyPress.Andy Peatling
Thanks for updating! RT @photomatt: Updating footer at #buddycamp, now links to bbPress and BuddyPress.Canadian Web Hosting
Sweet responsiveness! RT @photomatt: Updating footer at #buddycamp, now links to bbPress and BuddyPress.Erin Anne Beirne
Sketch note #2 still getting warmed up. #buddycamp (a sweater would have been smart) toal
"Never underestimate potential for points & badges for driving interactions." ~ @MichaelCyger #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Sponsored EventsPinterest
Here are Michael Cyger’s "Community building tactics for BuddyPress sites" slides. #buddycampGloria Antonelli
Michael Cyger’s BuddyCamp Vancouver Presentations: October 14, 2012Michael Cyger’s BuddyCamp Vancouver Presentations: October 14, 2012
Oh good!! Picked out the cheese yesterday at #wcyvr. RT @pandafoodie: Mad props, #BuddyCamp. Vegan options! @ BCIT Binder
Lots of #BuddyCamp lunch options out here! @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Web Hosting
#BuddyCamp panel discussing BP uses: education (@boone); business (@MichaelCyger); politics (@stephBoisvert). Anne Beirne
Sponsored EventsPinterest
The Swiss fellow that I mentioned at #BuddyCamp that #WordPress & #BuddyPress should have talk on dealing with translation is @neverything.Erica Hargreave
Thanks @EricaHargreave ;-). If anyone has questions on when to use WPML or Multisite for translations, I’m glad to try and help. #buddycampSilvan Hagen
#BuddyCamp I am currently writing a white paper titled "Why the WordPress Community needs more White Papers" :)Sean Cull
Great work at #buddycamp @stephboisvert! And great work #buddycamp organizers!N. Wilkinson
Lunch break at #BuddyCamp I’m going to grab me a cup of joe and catch up on some football…Jean (Jeazy) Felisme
I’m at #buddycamp with my BFFs @tara_e @natashamohtadiJeremy Wong
RT @mrjeremywong: I’m at #buddycamp with my BFFs @tara_e @natashamohtadiTara Ebrahimy
RT @mrjeremywong: I’m at #buddycamp with my BFFs @tara_e @natashamohtadiNatasha Mohtadi
RT @Tara_E: Behind the scenes at #buddycamp @NatashaMohtadi Mohtadi
Achievement unlocked me meeting @photomatt at #BuddyCamp #wcyvr #WordPress Dall
"Know Your Business Model & Know Your Stuff" via @MichaelCyger true:dat #buddycamp #isixsigmaJeff Arsenault
#BuddyCamp Conundrums: Ed Track or Design Track??? May be an afternoon to focus on the online learning were working on @AhimsaMedia.Erica Hargreave
LOL! RT @EricaHargreave: #BuddyCamp Conundrums: Ed Track or Design Track???Erin Anne Beirne
Developer track live stream audio is too muffled #BuddyCampmodemlooper
#buddycamp Commons in the Box (WordPress + Buddy Press) Sloan Foundation and CUNY Academic Commons. Bowe Frankema Press Crew – talking nowwestend atelier
we cannot hear anything in JJJ’s session now.. ๐Ÿ™ #buddycampKonrad Sroka supports #BuddyCamp as platinum sponsor. #buddypress Web Hosting
At least 2 pol parties in Canada using #buddypress fed liberals & @unparty_ca in bc #BuddyCampunparty
Listening to @JJJ speak on #BuddyPress Architecture, well trying to. The audio seems really low, and hard to understand. ๐Ÿ™ #BuddyCampChristopher Cochran
We will likely be using the CBox project on @HWDSBCommons when it’s out @BoweFrankema @ray_i_am @boone #buddycampJared Bennett
Learning about #CommonsInABox from @BoweFrankema. Powerful, flexible & free community software. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
#buddycamp audio very degraded on live stream in developer track, very muffled bummersSuzette Franck
#CommonsInABox: own your data, easy set-up, community powered, works with 3rd party plugins & easy to customize w/ child themes. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
@BoweFrankema being a brave pixie with live coding at #buddycamp – euros live on the edge :)Tammie Lister
#CommonsInABox Geeky Features: modular, cascading assets, infinite child themes & ready for the future! #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
please do something with the sound for channel 2 (the developer track) – not possible to understand.. ๐Ÿ™ #buddycampKonrad Sroka
Absolutely adore @BoweFrankema’s lingo: Super Duper, Geeky, Awesome … #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
#buddycamp, I think they solved or will soon solve the audio issues in live stream 2. Sorry, it turns out one of the mikes was turned off.BuddyCamp Vancouver
To find #CommonsInABox in your #WordPress plugins, search for CBox. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
#BuddyCamp sound c2 still not good at allValentine Cosgrave
That "test testing" audio was perfect. #BuddyCampmodemlooper
Sorry for audio problems live stream in 2, should be fixed now. #buddycamp. We will later post JJJ’s talk to I think.BuddyCamp Vancouver
Met Matt Mullenweg, Co-founder of #WordPress! #BuddyCamp @ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology Hombrebueno
Audio is good, now @jjj must redo his session ๐Ÿ˜€ #BuddyCampmodemlooper
#BuddyCamp sound now perfect on channel 2. thanksValentine Cosgrave
Now we’re talking… #buddycamp @mrjeremywong @tara_e Mohtadi
Loving Andreas Karsten’s Open Education slides. #sexy #poignant #thoughtprovoking #BuddyCamp Hargreave
A slide of Andreas Karsten’s that I am sure #BuddyPress will appreciate. #BuddyCamp Hargreave
function bp_sean_wants_pancakes() { return "I blame @boone"; } #BuddyCampSean Cull
Howling with laughter at Andreas Karsten’s *sighs* that come with each new slide. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Best #BuddyCamp quote: "Make love when you can. It’s good for you!" ~ Andreas KarstenErica Hargreave
@buddycampyvr will all sessions be availble on later? especially JJJ and Sarah Gooding’s Bootstrap session ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ #buddycampKonrad Sroka
@BoweFrankema that would be cool – it’s just not possible to get all the sessions, especially late night! ๐Ÿ™‚ GREAT #buddycampKonrad Sroka
@boone #livecoding #pancakes #buddycamp mention for @williamsba and @webdevstudiosSuzette Franck
Andreas Karsten on #BuddyPress … #BuddyCamp Hargreave
CollabPress just got a shout out from @boone at #BuddyCamp. Check it out! – Project and Task Management with WordPress. Cochran
I guess I’m a real lover! #BuddyCamp Hargreave
This presenter has the BEST slides. #BuddyCampGlen Hombrebueno
What’s been your best part of @buddycampyvr so far? This is the rest of our schedule today: #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
This slide of Andreas Karsten’s speaks to one of our goals / messages with @Roamancing. #BuddyCamp Hargreave
Liking what you’re seeing at #buddycamp? Any interest to bringing a (mini) BuddyCamp to WordCamp Miami? Let me know. #wcmiaDavid Bisset
Sounds like a plan! RT @dimensionmedia: Liking what you’re seeing at #buddycamp? bringing a (mini) BuddyCamp to WordCamp Miami? #wcmiaJean (Jeazy) Felisme
lots of fun to see you guys in action! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the great #buddycampsvenl77
Feel free to weigh in on this quote from Andreas Karsten’s #BuddyCamp talk … Hargreave
Yes to an extent. RT @EricaHargreave Feel free to weigh in on this quote from Andreas Karsten’s #BuddyCamp talk … Lam
If you’re at @buddycampyvr and you follow me but NOT @cawebhosting, you should. I can smell free swag. Shh, secrets. Pls RT. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #buddycampFelice Lam
Curious to hear @EmmeRogers’ thoughts on this quote in Andreas Karsten’s #BuddyCamp talk. Hargreave
*sigh* ~ Andreas Karsten #BuddyCamp Hargreave
CBOX bundled themes not plug insurance for easy set up "out of the box" #buddycamp toal
Commons in a boxdraggin
Great work! RT @draggin CBOX bundled themes not plug insurance for easy set up "out of the box" #buddycamp Web Hosting
Anyone following #BuddyCamp onsite & livestreamers can win FREE cloud hosting, follow us + RT for an entry. Deadline: end of event. And..go!Canadian Web Hosting
RT @cawebhosting: Anyone following #BuddyCamp onsite & livestreamers can win FREE cloud hosting, follow us + RT for an entry. Deadline: end of event. And..go!Brian G
Thanks for playing, @BrianG416. You’re now competing against your fellow livestreamers at #BuddyCamp for free cloud hosting. :)Canadian Web Hosting
Another of Andrea Karsten’s slides, I’d be curious to hear @EmmeRogers’ thoughts on. #BuddyCamp Hargreave
Listening to @enej & @scottmcmillan talk about UBC Blogs and BuddyPress. #buddycamp Bisset
UBC’s github link: @enej @scottmcmillan #buddycampDavid Bisset
ubc ยท GitHubStream is a WordPress plugin that is supposed to conect a nodejs server with javascript.
#buddycamp pro tip: there are still cookies next to the fruit under the plastic cover on the right table. #chocolatechip #macademiaMatt Mullenweg
This stream is awesome and @boone talk on #BuddyPress plugin dev was a good starting point #buddycampJean (Jeazy) Felisme
Thoughts on this #love & #technology quote from Andreas Karsten’s #BuddyCamp talk? Hargreave
UBC Blogs in 2008 using WordPress MU #buddycamp Bisset
Usage numbers for UBC Blogs using BuddyPress. #buddycamp Bisset
Very #poignant quote from Andreas Karsten’s #BuddyCamp talk on #love pertaining to community engagement. Hargreave
Watching @EricaHargreave #BuddyCamp tweets makes me wish that @d_vaz and @CarelessCampers had planned to be there as well as #wcyvrtreena chambers
#BuddyPress & #OpenEducation: a happy relationship in 10 steps with Andreas Karsten … #BuddyCamp Hargreave
#BuddyCamp is pretty awesome so far but totally exhaustingBoone B. Gorges
So like sex or walking through IKEA then. RT @boone: #BuddyCamp is pretty awesome so far but totally exhaustingDavid Bisset
Interesting. UBC is switching to NodeJS to push content instead of AJAX. @enej @scottmcmillan #buddycampDavid Bisset
"Just because the functionality is available doesn’t mean people will use it." #buddycamp @enej @scottmcmillanDavid Bisset
"Look at how users are using the system" when determining what BuddyPress features to tweak/add. #buddycampDavid Bisset
On site and coming tomorrow to #BuddyCamp? We’re about to run a virtual contest in a few minutes for a free 4GB USB. Get ready! Please RT.Canadian Web Hosting
4 GB USB’s for #BuddyCamp contest. #swag Web Hosting
Useful. @enej & @scottmcmillan sharing their experiences & learning from their mistakes in combining #BuddyPress with #UBCblogs. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
#buddycamp isn’t that popular yet. i’m not seeing a massive amount of twitter hashtag spam.David Bisset
We must tweet more! RT @dimensionmedia #buddycamp isn’t that popular yet. i’m not seeing a massive amount of twitter hashtag spam.Canadian Web Hosting
SUGGESTED: to migrate content from other CMS to BuddyPress & bbPress #BuddyCampmodemlooper
HomeService View Image 1. Request a Quote Have you decided to convert your site or forum? Yes! You have chosen the best way of having this hu…
Questions to ask before adding #BuddyPress: Why do you want your site to be social? Why #BuddyPress vs something else? ~ @enej #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Itโ€™s fun to read through the live coverage of my #BuddyCamp presentation on BuddyPress and Open Education, courtesy of @EricaHargreave :)Andreas Karsten
#BuddyPress Questions to ask: Public vs Private? Which makes sense to you? Why? ~ @enej @scottmcmillan #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Choose a proper name, that fits what you’re doing. #UBCblogs didn’t fit for a #BuddyPress community. Next up #UBCspaces. ~ @enej #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Will there be an unofficial #BuddyCamp after party somewhere?Silvan Hagen
.@buddycampyvr has an event later. Invite only I think? RT @neverything Will there be an unofficial #BuddyCamp after party somewhere?Canadian Web Hosting
Ellycat & I, watching the #buddycamp live stream from my LR couch. ๐Ÿ™‚
@janaremy That’s a cute cat and hey, you can also win free cloud hosting. Easy rules: #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
Web HumourPinterest
Provide support for your community in #BuddyPress: do workshops, meet w/ instructional support / designers. @enej @scottmcmillan #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
"Just because the functionality is available doesn’t mean people will use it." #buddycamp @enej @scottmcmill Media
Onsite at #Buddycamp? First 11 people to follow us and RT this message wins a sleek looking USB from us: Web Hosting
RT @cawebhosting: Onsite at #Buddycamp? First 11 people to follow us and RT this message wins a sleek looking USB from us: Jennings
Well, well, well, let’s give a congratulations to Mr. @JonJennings for being the first to win a free USB. #fast #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
RT @cawebhosting: Onsite at #Buddycamp? First 11 people to follow us and RT this message wins a sleek looking USB from us: Antonelli
@GloriaAntonelli We appreciate your response and your retweeting us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Livestreams rock! @buddycampyvr party now! #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
RT @cawebhosting: Last call for anyone onsite at #BuddyCamp to drop off your business cards for our raffle. We’re out after lunch and we’ll be back tomorrow!Andrew Woods
Thanks for the RT @awoods. Were you following #BuddyCamp? We’ve seen some Seattleites come through WordCamp #Vancouver & @buddycampyvr.Canadian Web Hosting
@pgibbs @karmatosed Oh, so that’s what you did instead of coming to #BuddyCamp?!?Boone B. Gorges
Hi Sarah Gooding @pollyplummer from #buddycamp Live Stream Looking forward to "Building BuddyPress Themes Based on Twitter Bootstrap"Gloria Antonelli
The cognitive sciences teach us that if information is to turn into knowledge, a social process is required. #BuddyCampGlen Hombrebueno
Listening to @pollyplummer talk about building BuddyPress themes w/ Twitter Bootstrap. #buddycamp Bisset
Note to self: look up ERAC ~ provides leadership in areas of new technology & new media & their potential roles in education. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Javascript and jQuery libs sound like scary carnival rides to me ("carousel") @pollyplummer #buddycampDavid Bisset
OH: โ€œJavaScript and jQuery and plugins sound like scary carnival rides; Carousel, Pop-up, Fly-over, etcโ€ฆโ€ #buddycamp cc @pollyplummerJohn James Jacoby
If you are interesting in @pollyplummer talk about Twitter Bootstrap, bookmark "Font Awesome" #buddycampDavid Bisset
Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter BootstrapOne font, 150+ icons In a single collection, Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions. Free for commercial use The …
Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrappers @pollyplummer #buddycampDavid Bisset
Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrappers
@pollyplummer bringing the theme side to BuddyPress at #buddycamp – woohooTammie Lister
OH: โ€œJetstrapโ€ฆ. that sounds uncomfortable.โ€ #buddycamp @pollyplummerJohn James Jacoby
Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Photoshop Template PSD @pollyplummer #buddycampDavid Bisset
Utah Web Design | Utah Graphic Design | Bent Design Studio " Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Photoshop Template PSDTwitter Bootstrap: Web Guidelines for Developers Twitter Bootstrap Developer Guide (HTML, CSS, CSS3, LESS) v 2.0 Twitter Bootstrap for v2…
Jetstrap is for the kinky BuddyPress/Twitter Bootstrap devs, if you know what i mean. #buddycampDavid Bisset
Vid roadmap, vision for digital education strategy and resources is over-the-top idealist. Needs actual #ixd #buddycampTaylor D Dewey
ERAC’s Vision is for Sharing | ERACWe’ve created a short overview of our vision of ERAC’s Roadmap to the Digital Classroom. This shorter version is a good lead into underst…
@pollyplummer showing a cute animal picture at #buddycamp – as it should be in every presentationTammie Lister
WordPress Bootstrap (WP-Bootstrap) #buddycampDavid Bisset
WP-Bootstrap – Bootstrap in a WordPress theme.A WordPress theme based on Twitter’s Bootstrap development toolkit. Developed by 320press.
Empowering #transmedia video from #ERAC is all very well & good, but most BC schools don’t have all those resources. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave is a BuddyPress site using Twitter Bootstrap. #buddycamp @pollyplummer (raises $$$ for breast cancer research)David Bisset
The Pink LeagueLEAGUE NEWS Tamp Bay’s Doug Martin gave his fantasy owners a 50+ point boost last weekend in an explosive game against the Raiders, where…
Free BP + Bootstrap theme available: #buddycampDavid Bisset
Luca’s ThemeLuca is a beautiful blue fawn Italian Greyhound. We adopted him from a family who could not keep him and we’re so glad that we did. He lo…
Further to my comment on the ERAC video, library services in BC have had serious cut backs, limiting what they can provide. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Bringing people to people is as important — or more important — than simply bringing people to content. #BuddyCampErin Anne Beirne
BuddyPress 1.7 brings theme compatibility – "works like magic" adding BP to any standard WordPress themes. @pollyplummer #buddycampDavid Bisset
Sarah Gooding @pollyplummer mentions our Chicago @rachelbaker at #buddycamp. She is a WordPress rock star in my book.Gloria Antonelli
Bootstrapwp Theme: Twitter Bootstrap for WordPressI released Bootstrapwp, a powerful base WordPress theme powered by Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive frontend toolkit from Twitter des…
Thanks for the mention of BootstrapWP at #buddycamp @pollyplummer http://bootstrapwp.rachelbaker.meRachel Baker
Excited to try out BootstrapWP theme that has Twitter Bootstrap built in + mobile responsive, thanks to @pollyplummer’s talk. #buddycampJill Binder
@jillbinder Let me know if you have any questions on BootstrapWP, happy to help. #buddycampRachel Baker
Drinking game: take a shot when you see a non-Apple laptop in the audience on the #buddycamp livestream. So far completely sober.David Bisset
๐Ÿ˜€ MT @dimensionmedia Drinking game: take a shot when you see non-Apple laptop in audience on #buddycamp livestream. So far completely soberJill Binder
A little known fact.. #buddycamp goes well with hot chocolate and marshmallowsTammie Lister
And grilled hot dogs! RT @karmatosed: A little known fact.. #buddycamp goes well with hot chocolate and marshmallowsmodemlooper
Can we please, please, please live stream all WordCamp/BuddyCamps? It has been the most delightful streaming event ever! #buddycampGloria Antonelli
"Need to make online interactions, sustainable interactions when using in education." ~ Maryjanne Yusyp #ERAC #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Best – Attending via LiveStream – couldn’t attend in person. Been to 5 WordCamps this summer/fall. @cawebhosting @buddycampyvr #buddycampGloria Antonelli
Very excited to be livestreaming #buddycamp today! Picking up ideas for more interactive learning for #LiberalistChampions.N. Wilkinson
Thanks @pollyplummer! For the talk on using Twitter Bootstrap with #BuddyPress. Will you have those slides online for viewing? #buddycampJean (Jeazy) Felisme
thanks to the #buddycamp livestream for being so cool for those of us that wanted to but couldn’t attend the event this timeTammie Lister
Good to see that the Delta School District has @NeilsStephenson introducing #BuddyPress for inquiry & collaboration. #BuddyCamp #innovativeErica Hargreave
Is @JJJ holding two microphones like a boss? #buddycamp Bisset
A slide from @NeilsStephenson on the challenges of twitter for educators. #BuddyCamp Hargreave
Awesome. @boone is mentioning one of my BuddyPress sites ("personal trainers in Florida"). #buddycampDavid Bisset
Those at #buddycamp looking for great BP sample sites might want to check out Bisset
Most inspiring BuddyPress websites | BPinspire.comFind the latest most inspiring BuddyPress websites including free and paid BuddyPress themes.
Goal with @NeilsStephenson using #BuddyPress for #DeltaSD is to make it easier to build community & share content w/in district. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Note to Self: Check out @NeilsStephenson & #DeltaSD’s #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Delta is an online community-building tool for connecting, sharing and learning
Like the concept of @NeilsStephenson & #DeltaSD’s 180 Days of Learning: A blog post a school day from someone in the district. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
Other goals of @NeilsStephenson for #DeltaSD with #BuddyPress class websites, students blogs, coordinators, digital portfolios… #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
The slides of my #BuddyCamp presentation on a happy relationship between #BuddyPress and #OpenEducation Karsten
BuddyPress & Open EducationOnline learning communities and open source software are almost an old shoe, of course – but online learning and BuddyPress? That’s a you…
Jim Broome says it’s not about the group, it’s about the user within the group. #BuddyCampErin Anne Beirne
"For me using SVN was like watching the Matrix for the first time" @pollyplummer #buddycampDavid Bisset
"Using SVN is like going up into Grandma’s attic." – @pollyplummer #buddycampMike Schroder
Not sure if i agree with this. OH: "Except for a few, premium plugins have taken over BuddyPress. It’s all pay pay pay pay." #buddycampDavid Bisset
Good to hear the Open Source Community debating the fact that we do all need to make a living somewhere within the model. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
I think @jimgroom just said every developer should be a communist. #buddycampMatt Mullenweg
Chuckling that the person that is not doing any of the ‘free developing’ is ranting on wanting everything for free. #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
The #buddycamp livestream was awesome. We need more livestreams for WordCamps.David Bisset
Really enjoyed #BuddyCamp today via the live stream. Kudos to all the presenters and organizers!Sean Cull
Thanks to all the people evolved with #buddycamp today, especaily the ones behind the live streams. It was all worth itJean (Jeazy) Felisme
Can somebody livestream the #BuddyCamp after party?modemlooper
@modemlooper I like that idea! Livestream of after party #BuddyCampGloria Antonelli
Thanks for the dinner invite @photomatt at the top of the mountain #buddycamp. Wish I could make it.Gloria Antonelli
โ€œ@modemlooper: Can somebody livestream the #BuddyCamp after party?โ€ Yes we want to live vicariously :)Tammie Lister
Holy cow, what an awesome day. #buddycampJohn James Jacoby
My #buddycamp dream – more designers and non developers realise there’s a welcoming place in BuddyPress for them and contributeTammie Lister
#buddycamp after-party (@ Grouse Gondola) Kudish
#Automattic hoodlums post-#buddycamp Mullenweg
Sponsored EventsPinterest
#buddycamp speaker, sponsor, guest dinner #wcyvr (at @grousegrind) โ€” Brown
Great (rainy) picture. RT @photomatt #Automattic hoodlums post-#buddycamp Web Hosting
Don’t forget us…the sponsors. ๐Ÿ˜‰ MRT @seanreloaded Really enjoyed #BuddyCamp via live stream. Kudos to all the presenters and organizers!Canadian Web Hosting
We’re missing out on the #BuddyCamp after-party because we couldn’t make it, so have fun everyone. See you tomorrow bright and early!Canadian Web Hosting
ThksCAcloud*BCITBusinessSchool*CapilanoUBusinessSchool*Code Poet*Can-AmTestPrepAcad*SparkjoyStudios*Delta SchoolDistrict*ERAC for #BuddyCampGloria Antonelli
Last day of sponsoring #BuddyCamp! We get to show how easy it is to install WordPress and BuddyPress onto our cloud Web Hosting
I feel like I’m going to get lost in the BCIT Burnaby campus and never find my way out. #buddycampamyjudd
Web HumourPinterest
We got turned around too. RT @amyjudd I feel like I’m going to get lost in the BCIT Burnaby campus and never find my way out. #buddycampCanadian Web Hosting
#buddycamp Hackday (@ BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology) Kudish
If you’re coming to our hands’ on session, you’ll be getting free swag, then you get to work on the e-book. #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
BuddyCamp Hack Day – BuddyPress for Beginners e-BookWant to participate in the BuddyCamp Hack Day but not a developer or designer? Here’s your chance to still get involved and help support …
Back in office after gr8 wknd at #WordCamp & #BuddyCamp. The contributions of @jjj, @boone, @apeatling & @r-a-y r phenomenal. #buddypressMichael Cyger
Excited to be spending the morning at #buddycamp learning about BuddyPress, a plug-in for WordPressamyjudd
@amyjudd Thanks for talking to us about @globalbc. Enjoy interviewing the #BuddyCamp project leads during hack day. We’re next door. :)Canadian Web Hosting
It’s #buddycamp Hack Day go timeJill Binder
Last day at #BuddyCamp: hands’ on WP install session with @cawebhosting & hack day. Lam
In our #BuddyCamp session, we’re going through introductions in the room: former researcher, comm students, teachers, etc… Are you here?Canadian Web Hosting
Pleased to see sunshine for all the #BuddyCamp Out-of-Towners so they know sun does happen here. Hope they have a window at #HackDay.Erica Hargreave
Fabulous weekend of very cool people & ideas! Thanks so much to the #WCyvr & #BuddyCamp organizers, speakers, & participants. Good times!Erica Hargreave
#buddycamp : For the secret cafe that has Starbucks, instead of turning left out the hall, go right, passed the washrooms, and keep going.Jill Binder
@GM_APaw Thank you for the lovely evening Saturday at @MillBistro. Good times! #WCyvr #BuddyCampErica Hargreave
We gave an overview of CA Cloud, showed a quick #WordPress install and now Cyri is showing #BuddyPress. #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
@LtoG no, ha ha, but attending hack day today to help with creating a beginner’s how-to e-book! #buddycampErin Anne Beirne
@LtoG She might be a #BuddyCamp pro by the end of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ @erin_anne Thanks for your interest and we’re excited to serve you soon!Canadian Web Hosting
@erin_anne You should go for it. When you’re ready to email us, we’ll be here to help. You have our contact information. Cheers. #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
Are you at our #BuddyCamp session? Please follow us and tweet us. We’ll answer any of your follow up questions on webhosting.Canadian Web Hosting
By request of @JJJ, I will be reading this: #phpdoc #BuddyCampmodemlooper
Thanks for all the #BuddyCamp RTs @nat0n, @delans, @suzettework, @cawebhosting, @BoweFrankema, @jfeliweb & @glenhombre.Ahimsa Media
OH: "I like my code to be full of razor blades." @jb510 #buddycamp #hackday ;)Jill Binder
@AhimsaMedia Thanks for being here. We had fun sponsoring #BuddyCamp. @nat0n @delans @suzettework @bowefrankema @jfeliweb @glenhombreCanadian Web Hosting
@cawebhosting No, thank you for sponsoring such a great event. #BuddyCampAhimsa Media
Aw, we love supporting our local tech community! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers! RT @AhimsaMedia: No, thank you for sponsoring such a great event. #BuddyCampCanadian Web Hosting
first ever #buddypress props achieved #buddycampJoey Kudish
OH: "Damn you, Paul Gibbs!" @pgibbs #buddycampBoone B. Gorges
RT @boone: OH: "Damn you, Paul Gibbs!" @pgibbs #buddycampPaul Gibbs
acquiring all the props, thanks for committing @boone #buddycampJoey Kudish
So our @karinchristen is attending @html5devconf and @neverything is at the #buddycamp #hackday in Vancouver today.required+
#buddycamp hackday, I’d like to say I’m fixing all the bugs, but really, I’m looking at trac and at code, and trying to piece it togetherStephane Boisvert
Perhaps the most satisfying part of #BuddyCamp has been committing a patch with the message "props @apeatling"Boone B. Gorges
#buddycamp hack day is infectious with some of us joining remotely on irc #buddypress-dev – it’s that cool!Tammie Lister
Someone needs to do a panorama picture of #buddycamp hack day so those of us remotely can squeal with joy over how many people are there :)Tammie Lister
Almost at the end of #BuddyCamp hack day. Lots of stuff has been done by awesome people. #feelsgoodmanBowe Frankema
Aaaand it’s beer-o-clock already #buddycampSilvan Hagen
Hey that’s me! RT @photomatt: #Automattic hoodlums post-#buddycamp Kudish
Word for the day: "beware the tyranny of the urgent" lets do what is important! #buddycampAndy Roberts
@rebagorges We had fun during our adventure with @boone too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for lending him to #BuddyCamp – much appreciated.Andreas Karsten
The first ever #BuddyCamp took place @BCIT today – @amyjudd was there to learn about #BuddyPressGlobal BC
Post #buddycamp hack day beers. What an awesome hack day for BP! (at @bcitsa) โ€” Brown
#BuddyCamp takes place in Burnaby @amyjudd reports: Meiszner
BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 | FacebookFacebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to ke…
#buddycamp @boone I love the name CUNY Academic Commons. The philosopher Michael Sandel and his concept of the common good resonateswestend atelier
@jb510 It sounds like hack day at #BuddyCamp went super well from looking at the tweets. How was it for you? @bcit @bcitsaCanadian Web Hosting
#buddycamp and @jjj are in the news! Kudish
BuddyCamp takes place in BurnabyBuddyCamp comes to Vancouver BuddyPress, a plug-in for popular blogging software WordPress, is described as a ‘social network in a box.’
wish i could go! RT @jkudish: #buddycamp and @JJJ are in the news! #buddypressgizmodesign
Our servers have nothing going on tonight – no news is good news, eh? Did you have a nice Monday? We wrapped up sponsoring #BuddyCamp – fun!Canadian Web Hosting
@amyjudd What was your favourite #BuddyCamp moment? We enjoyed showing some of the WordPress features to everyone. @katelynnasadlerCanadian Web Hosting
@cawebhosting @katelynnasadler definitely talking to John about BuddyPress and what you can do with itamyjudd
@amyjudd Yes, @jjj was great & he looked great on camera during your interview. Thanks for sharing your media thoughts. @KatelynnASadlerCanadian Web Hosting
WordCamp #Vancouver and the first ever @buddycampyvr were a blast to sponsor this year. Thanks to the organizers, speakers, & participants.Canadian Web Hosting
If you were at #wcyvr or #BuddyCamp, you might want to follow @JonJennings, he’s a software developer and technology fan that we met there.Canadian Web Hosting
7 Fantastic Presentations from WordCamp and #BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 #buddypress #wcyvrSarah Gooding
7 Fantastic Presentations from WordCamp and BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012WordCamp Vancouver and BuddyCamp took place this past weekend and I was fortunate to be able to make it to this historic event. Attendees…
@modemlooper Yeah, the camp was great. I’m going to write about it in the next day or two, and will collect other posts about it #BuddyCampBoone B. Gorges
@nigelfish Later, we’re working on online reviews as a sponsor. Follow @boone – he’s posting and capturing recaps. #BuddyCamp @AbdulmughneeCanadian Web Hosting
@pollyplummer Here you go: Missed you guys at hack day yesterday! #BuddyCampBoone B. Gorges
BuddyPress: Beyond Facebook Clones – Boone B Gorges – WordCamp Vancouver 2012CUNY Academic Commons, Commons In A Box, Anthologize, etc
As #BuddyCamp finishes and #opened12 begins, Vancouver turns around an opens up its beautiful sky. At last.Andreas Karsten
@Abdulmughnee Rayhan, was nice chatting at #wcyvr, regret not hitting #buddycamp afterwards!Nigel Fish
Thank you so much organizing team of #wcyvr and my co-organizers of #buddycamp. Both camps worked together to create magic. @buddycampyvrJill Binder
"Nature IS โ€“ coding | An automattic medley | Open-source your mind"โ€”@jeffacubed, inspired by #buddycamp Binder
Cubed Haiku .: "Nature IS – Coding" #TaikuTuesday – Vol. 20 #BuddyCamp .: Jeffa .: CubedVolume 20 of Taiku Tuesday, or "Calm in Your Pocket" – inspired by the รผber awesome folks that coded, shared & co-created the first-ever …
A souvenir to hang in my office. I had the best time ever @ #buddycamp ! Gooding
#BuddyCamp Livestream Review:
Blog: A few highlights from #BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 #BuddyPress #wcyvrBoone B. Gorges
#BuddyCamp Livestream ReviewThe first official BuddyCamp was this past weekend, OCT 14, in conjunction with WordCamp Vancouver. There was a livestream of the event f…
big thanks to everyone for their support to help make first ever #buddycamp a success! #bcit #vancouverbuddycamp604
‘Jetpack territory’ ???? RT @photomatt: Cable into the sky #buddycampJeff Arsenault
Recovering. #introverthangover #wcyvr #buddycampJill Binder
Web HumourPinterest
Really enjoyed meeting @JJJ @boone @apeatling @ray_i_am & @photomatt at #BuddyCamp. All fine, friendly gentlemen & WP/BP superstars. :)Sarah Gooding
big thanks to everyone for their support to help make first ever #buddycamp a success! #bcit #vancouverbuddycamp604
Some awesome #BuddyPress people at #BuddyCamp. Can you name them all? Frankema
That was pretty cool, eh! Thanks for attending #buddycamp & to live streamers too with your great energy! Thx sponsors You made it possibleBuddyCamp Vancouver
#goodmorning and MUCH #THANKS to everyone who came to #buddycamp #vancouver!I hope you guys enjoyed and learned as much as I did!EidosPress
First eva’ #buddycamp thanks guys! Roberts
Thank you, BuddyCamp! I mean, I like to thank all the people (organizers, sponsors, speakers and attendees) who made it happen. #buddycampKosuke Ito
Now I am back home. To all the good people I met at BuddyCamp, let us keep in touch until the next one ๐Ÿ™‚ #buddycampKosuke Ito
Is your #business using the skills you learned at #buddycamp #vancouver? #Share with us!EidosPress
Forgot THANK YOU @JillBinder ! RT @jb510: Goodbye Vancouver, #wcyvr & #buddycamp . #wcphl here I come. (@yvrairport) Brown
Any #buddycamp folks know how (plan-wise) to add a BuddyCamp_Paris onto WordCamp_Paris in Jan? c/ @wysija #localizationJeff Arsenault
Headed home! Thanks @Vancouver for your great hospitality. #wcyvr #buddycamp (with JC at @yvrairport) [pic] โ€” Schroder
BuddyCamp Vancouver?????????????? #buddycamp #buddypresswp365
BuddyCamp Vancouver??????????????Home " ????? * ??? " BuddyCamp Vancouver?????????????? ??????????????????? 1??????????????Education Track?? ????????????Developers/Design…
Anyone who made some good photos of #buddycamp? I need a few to spice up my article for @WPRealm.Bowe Frankema
@BoweFrankema @boone To start: & stay tuned with our Facebook: with at least 50+ pictures coming.Canadian Web Hosting
Thanks for coming!Thanks everyone who came to BuddyCamp Vancouver both in person and via the live stream! Thanks also to the sponsors who made it possible….


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