Last week, I discussed a new option called Google Malware for webmasters to have Google spider their site for malicious code.

There’s also another feature called “Fetch as Googlebot”.  As you know, Googlebot is the name of their spider which crawls the majority of the web pages on the internet.  The results of the crawling are then indexed into the search engine.

Googlebot does not see a webpage as a human.  It sees all the html coding or the source code of the page.

So when you use the new feature, you can see in real time what your web page will look like through Googlebot when it’s crawling.  It returns the web page HTML exactly how Googlebot pulled it.  The idea is to allow webmasters to check out their sites after a major overhaul, find their trouble spots, diagnose why your page isn’t being indexed and so on.  The point is that this is a new way to get instant feedback from Google about your pages!

Here’s what Google’s people had to say about this new toy…

“…we realized it was important to provide the ability for users to submit pages on their site and get real-time feedback on what Googlebot sees. This feature will help users a great deal when they re-implement their site with a new technology stack, find out that some of their pages have been hacked, or want to understand why they’re not ranking for specific keywords.

To get to any of Google’s new Webmaster’s Labs additions, just login to your webmaster tools account, go to your Dashboard and click the Labs tab on the left.












Kevin Liang
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