Last month, our team received an extremely heartfelt and grateful letter of appreciation from one of our long time customers. With his big “thank you,” it inspired us to write about the importance, value and great sense of effort that we put into the aspects of our business and tech support no matter what the size of the account. Mini Cupcakes Online Thank You Box

Every day and around the clock, as a company, we strive to provide excellent customer support for our customers and with that meaningful letter, we are reminded that we are here to help improve the quality of business for anyone who decide to work with us.

Being transparent with our customers and our readers, it’s important for us to share four best practices for the greater good of our online community and we believe that sharing this type of information would even be beneficial across other industries.

1. Active Listening
Often times when a customer reaches out to us, they’re coming to us with an urgent problem and from a tech support standpoint, we understand that we have to listen very carefully to the issues at hand while thinking critically on how we can resolve their issues. We listen with the intent of supporting our clients by finding the right clues in order for us to solve the issue promptly which brings us to our next point in more details.

2. Efficient Timeliness
In addition to gathering all of the right pieces to understand the current problems affecting our customers, due to the state of our business, we emphasize the most efficient, quick turn-arounds in solving problems, since we clearly understand that any down time in our customers’ sites could cause serious impact in their own businesses. Their success matter to us and being professional and prompt are keys to achieve that. Timing is everything.

3. Overall Collaboration
As our own customers notice, to resolve technical issues, we take the time to collaborate both internally and externally to come up with effective solutions to rectify any current problems. It takes a high amount of team effort to coordinate, plan and manage a project to get things done, not to mention, the ongoing time spent communicating the most pertinent information to one another between team members and our own clients. The wheels are in motion together as one and that’s how we make things work productively.

4. Constant Caring
This might sound quite basic to some but every single member on our team values each of our customer no matter how small or big they are as an account. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and on the same level, we fully understand that their success depend on the quality of our services including our customer service. We carefully pay attention to what they are saying and provide feedback as necessary to ensure that their business run as smoothly as possible. We, Canadian Web Hosting Ltd., are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Customers are our number one concern and we will cater to their needs no matter what. These best practices are shared among all sorts of businesses; it’s important to continue to make every possible effort to strive towards those actions on a day-to-day basis to create exceptional experiences especially when your customers need it most.

Sometimes, they will even reward you with some sweet, delicious cupcakes too. Who wouldn’t want to receive over three dozen mini baked goods? Exactly.

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