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Paid Google Local Business

For only $25/mo, you can now stand out from the crowd with a yellow price tag that shows up on the map as well as the listing. This is unfortunately not available in Canada at the moment.
It is currently available for all US states on standard and mobile browsers.

From the screenshot below, Google released a feature called Posts which allows business owners to create a custom message with their results to let surfers know
what is happening with their business such as seasonal specials, limited time offers or other discounts or notices.

It is becoming more important to promote your website on local search as more people are accessing the internet via mobile cell phone and will look up restaurants in their vicinity by using the cell's internal gps.


Bing Social – Hot Trends from Facebook and Twitter Feeds

Instead of focusing every week on Google, I decided to shift it to another search engine by Microsoft called Bing!

In June, Microsoft Bing released Bing Social.  It's a new section that displays the hottest trends from Facebook and Twitter.  Bing uses these two resources to find out what links people are sharing, then aggregates that content and breaks out subsections of the topic.  However, it is not using real time Facebook or Twitter data on Bing Social.

Kevin Liang
CTO / SEO Guru
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