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Month: February 2010

10 Tips to Building and Structuring Inbound Links

As any good search marketer knows, the most important thing to ranking well in search engines is to get links pointing to your site. The more good links you can get, the better your chance at ranking higher for your keywords.
The more inbound links you can obtain, the more popular it is. It’s like a high school popularity contest. The following 10 tips are essential to ranking well. It’s not an easy process. It’s a slow, gradual process that can take several months or up to a year to rank well.

Here are the 10 tips….

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Bing New Search Options

It’s refreshing to write about another search engine other than Google. is a search engine by the giant, Microsoft. Although it’s not as dominant as Google, it will be a contender when the search deal with Yahoo is finalized. Currently, Bing and Yahoo are two separate entities.

Last month, Bing released four new ways to search….

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How To Get Twitter Tweeks Ranked Higher

Google Social Search has been moved into beta phase from experimental Labs section and there will be more emphasis on real time and personalized search results.

They also included social search option to Google image search (  You can now easily get to social search from Google’s main page.  Login to your Google account, click “Web” link on top left then do a search query like “lego” then click Show Options and click Social.

Have you ever wondered exactly how Google ranks tweets?

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