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Month: January 2010

How to Optimize for YouTube

If you don’t already know, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet after Google.

According to ComScore, video search on YouTube accounts for 1/4 of all Google search queries in US.
That is a lot of searches and is getting more important for online business owner.

The benefits of getting  YouTube videos ranked highly in Google organic search engine are enormous:

Increased traffic to your site
Incoming links from You Tube
Push a competitor off the first page of Google
New top 10 search keyword ranking

Here are 8 strategies for ranking highly:

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BoxBe Filter for Gmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail

When I first visited BoxBe, it sounded promising. If you’re using one of the mail services from Gmail, AOL Mail or Yahoo Mail, it claims it can reduce the clutter of email overload.
It does this by using something akin to social networking. If you interact with someone via email, they will be automatically put into your friends list. If not, then they will be put
in a waiting list for you to approve. It’s to get emails that matters to you most (your friends and business contacts) first and hides other less important messages (newsletters, spam mails) until you approve them.

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