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Release of cPanel&WHM 11.24

cPanel, announced the release of version 11.24. Version 11.24 introduces a new initiative to cPanel’s software, cPanel Accelerated. cPanel Accelerated brings new features designed to decrease system resource usage and increase speed and performance significantly from previous versions.

The most significant features for the new version are:

  • Dovecot- Secure Imap Server: A more secure and high performing IMAP server when compared to courier IMAP server. It also adds upto high resource usage savings.
  • NSD NameServers: It can reduce memory usage for DNS functions by up to 40% over BIND. On busy clustered nameservers that can add up to a huge resource savings.
  • High Security settings
  • Speedy Account Transfer & Backup restore
  • The cPanel x3 interface itself has also been streamlined, requiring significantly less bandwidth. So the load time will get reduce by a good extend.


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