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How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines

The days of submitting directly to search engines are pretty much dead.

The best way to get your site listed on the search engines is to exchange links with other similar websites.

The more links you get, the more “popular” you become in the ‘eyes’ of the search engine.

It can take up to 3-6 months or even a year to get listed on Google if your site is new.

Here are some recommended sites: (more…)

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Making Money With Your Website

So you have setup a website and ready to make your first million dollars… but where do you start?  Well for one thing, very few people make that much money on the web, if any at all.

First you will need visitors to your site. Blogging is probably the most popular format to generate traffic to your site.  There isn’t anything technical in setting up a blog. Most hosting companies include script installers that will install the software for you. Checkout the Fantastico scripts pack that is offered on our Value and Pro plans.  I recommend WordPress which is what this blog uses.

Once your blog is setup, it’s time to find something to write about. It can be anything but preferably one that you know what you are talking about… review of products, your favourite celeb., politics, anything.

How do I get people to come to my site? (more…)

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Google Buys GrandCentral Communications for 50 million

At first glance at the headlines, I thought they bought technology that dealt with the railway transportation system.  But my assumption could be farther from that.

Grand Central is a US technology company based in California that allows you to have one phone number for life.
Basically, that phone number will forward to your cell phone, home phone, hotel phone, etc. There is also a centralized
voice mail system and it’s all tied with via web based administration. (more…)

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Web Disk – New Feature of Cpanel Version 11

Besides the new x3 theme and many feature enhancements, Cpanel 11 comes with a “Web Disk”. It allows you to map a network drive to your website directory. You can now copy and paste as if you were working with a local folder. No more messing around with FTP programs and settings.


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Troubleshooting Email Problems

Increased Spam filters, Spyware/Internet Scanners, and ISP filters seem to be the major causes of email trouble tickets.

The number one problem I get is “I can receive email but I can’t send.” This usually follows my question, “Who is your Internet Service Provider?” Majority of ISPs are blocking 3rd party SMTP (TCP Port 25) in an attempt to prevent spam from their networks.


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